You may either use a list graphically very well arranged by counsellor Silvie based on her long-term camp leader experience  (Try it!) or a standard list.  

1.  Comprehensive list created by Silvie  (click on it)


2.  Standard list

  • An old suitcase or a sports bag are the ideal means to transport your children personal effects. Children should have enough clothing and underwear for the duration of their stay as the camp doesn't offer a laundry service.
  • For night time, a sleeping bag, a pillow, and pajamas are needed.
  • Clothing items should include short and long sleeve shirts, pants and shorts. Do not forget enough underwear and socks.
  • For the beach, each child must bring sunscreen, a hat and a swimming suit. Children that are not able to swim should bring a life vest if they have one. Children wishing to use a canoe should also bring a life vest if possible. The camp will provide life vests if the children don’t have their own.
  • Rain and bad weather are situations where waterproof clothing items are required.
  • One good pair of running shoes is required. Sandals and beach footwear can also be brought to the camp.
  • For outings, a backpack, a water bottle and comfortable shoes are needed. A compass can be useful but is not mandatory.
  • Personal hygiene items should include a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and two towels. Medications should be in their original container and must be given to one of the directors of the camp with written instructions. Health insurance cards will also be collected by the camp’s director at the children’s arrival.
  • Other recommended items include an insect repellent, a product such as “Afterbite”, to apply on insect bites,  flashlight, paper, pens, envelopes (with stamp and address), books and parlor games for the free time.
  • Pocket money is not required and should be limited to a maximum of 50$ for personal purchases (10-20$ per week are largely sufficient).
  • It is important to identify all personal items to ensure that common articles such as socks are not mistaken by children.
  • Please do not bring any expensive items, electronics or jewelry to the camp. Camp does not provide safekeeping service.