summer campWe are looking for activity instructors, cooks, maintenance workers/administrators, and language teachers. The remuneration is to be negotiated. Accommodation and food are free.

Note: All workers working with children must submit a criminal record proving their integrity. They must be able to swim, be in good physical and mental condition and have appropriate knowledge of languages. All of the staff must have a valid medical and hospital insurance valid for Canada.

Please, fill-in the application form (fillable PDF) as soon as possible and send it by email to David Šanc - camp's director or contact directly:

David Sanc
Director of Children's Camp
Tel.: 450-374-5640
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you want to become counsellor read the instruction below:



The security of children is the top priority. Regularly check if kids are not hurt. When children are under your authority, you are responsible for their wellbeing. In the case of any injury, (small cuts, browses, headaches, etc.) the Director must be timely informed. Always try to inform Director rather more than less.


Live Guard

A life guard must be sitting on the chair (tower) and cannot read any book or magazine. Also, he/she cannot have any earphones. In July 2012 two life guards were fired in Montreal when photographed while listening to MP-3.

Good practice is to change guards frequently, for example, each half an hour or one hour, in order to keep them alert.

Kids should wear the water shoes because there are shells on the bottom and eventually some broken glass.

Again, Director must be informed that kids will be going to the beach (see Program below).

To go to the beach, it is necessary to take the shortest way. As this walk is partially on the road No 335, it is necessary to be very careful, especially with small children. One counselor must go in the front and the second in the end of the line.

Without a very serious reason, kids cannot avoid going on the beach.

If there is strong sun shine it is necessary to use sun screen and eventually shirt with long sleeves. You cannot rely on kids alone, that they would recognize when there is a danger of sunburn. You must check them regularly.


All children must wear the life jacket. Do not let small children to canoe alone.


Physical punishments

When it is necessary to punish somebody, it is necessary to avoid any physical punishment (beating, push-ups, etc.).

Intrusive punishment

A counsellor cannot use intrusive punishment without prior agreement. Example: he/she cannot send anybody to “make dishes” without talking to Director before.

No crazy punishments

Examples of crazy punishments:

Write 1000 times: “I will not swear”

Clean the floor with tooth brush

Drink coke laced with tabasco or pepper

Good punishment

A good punishment must bring some positive result.

Examples of good punishment:

  • Prepare wood for fire
  • Clean the ground around a fire place


In general, Program should be elaborated weekly and daily with the director of the camp or a representative of the Hostyn Association. If the program is prepared by counsellors alone, all counsellors should participate in its preparation. The director must be informed daily about the program, preferably in the evening.

In the case of night games, the counsellors must make a reasonable estimate about the length of the game and eventually postpone the breakfast. If the breakfast is postponed, it must be approved by the Director. It is not sufficient to arrange it only with the cook. Sometimes parents call and want to talk with their children and if the Director is not aware that the breakfast was postponed it shows that the camp is disorganized.

It is not admissible that some counselors be late to meals or even skip a meal without very serious reason.


The children must have enough sleep, minimum of 9 hours per day. If you see that they are tired, let them sleep longer time. Especially, watch the small children. In the past children complained about the lack of sleep. The 2013 survey showed that 15 children would like to have more sleep, 5 children less sleep and 3 children are O.K. as it is.


Even during the free time, at least on counsellor must supervise children in each section. Otherwise they may engage in stupidities, may be braking cabins, playing horse games, etc.


Bullying is the constant problem. Bullying may be verbal or physical. Physical may be by obstructing somebody his/her way, hitting with balloon, etc.

Small children are not necessarily going to tell you that somebody is bothering them. Thus, regularly ask children about being bullied. The transgressor should be reported to Director or brought directly to Director. Director has more authority than you and also is there to help you.


All electronic games and instruments on which such games can be played, such as computers, cellular phones, iPods, etc. must be immediately confiscated for the duration of the camp and stored with the director.


  • The children should enjoy the nature, our forest and our private beach on the beautiful lake Lafond at a distance of 1 km from the camp.
  • Not all children own electronic games and it creates jealousy and frictions among them.
  • The most important reason is that kids would play at night and consequently they would be tired the following day.

Any electronic games, etc. would be confiscated for the duration of the camp.

Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol are absolutely forbidden. If somebody is caught not respecting this rule, he/she would be sent home.


Each year there are some kids who are too scared and for that reason they are unhappy and eventually want to go home. So, ask them, if they want be scared or not. If they do not want to be scared, do not let them participate. It is better not to frighten them instead losing them.


It is good to include into your program some sort of nature interpretation, such as distinguishing of trees according to their leaves, recognition of plants, etc.


In the case of coming storm, it is necessary to leave the beach and go to the camp. When you hear the 1st thunder, go immediately to the camp. If somebody’s hairs are raised up, it is a sign that such a person can be stricken by lightning. In that case it is recommended to immediately lie on the ground in horizontal position.

The swimming can be resumed after half an hour since the last thunder.


Children are not allowed to go to pick up things from this cabin. Only the counsellors have access. The counsellors are responsible for good order in this cabin.


In the case that some tools are needed (example an axe, chain saw, etc.), contact the maintenance man. It is not permissible to take a key and enter the shack without prior permission and remove any tool.



They cannot leave the terrain of the camp except when they are accompanied with counselors going to the beach.

Kids cannot go inside of the cabins belonging to opposite sexes.


It is known that children like the night games and dances. All such games or movies must finish before 11 PM. When such activities finish, the absolute calm and silence is required. In this situation it is wise to postpone the breakfast for half an hour or one hour, after prior approval by Director and cook.

Director must be informed about this as some parents call to talk to their children and if Director is not aware of the postponement, it proves that the camp is disorganized.


Sicknesses, headaches, except very small scratches, etc., must be told to Director immediately.

Similarly, any behaviour problems must be reported to Director and must be solved before is too late.


Children under 10 years of age need a special attention. Check if they brush their teeth, change the clothes (in the past some of them had been wearing only 1 T-shirt for3 weeks).

Watch that they apply the sun screen, watch that they do not have sunburn.


When new children arrive to the camp, before assigning them cabin, always ask them and their parents if they have already registered with the Director.


It is strictly forbidden to counsellors to phone or send an e-mail to parents of campers about anything (sickness, homesick, bullying, etc.) without prior authorisation of director.


It is forbidden to let kid to phone home without the authorisation and presence of director.


Counsellors cannot leave the camp without prior discussion with the director and without his knowledge.


Director must be informed about bullying, sickness, malaise, injury, sunburn, rash, eczema, change of schedule, etc., etc.


If somebody cries because of homesick the director must be informed. This problem must be solved with director’s involvement.